Jennifer Lawrence Sports A Neck Brace For David O. Russell Film [PHOTOS]

The actress's most awkward red carpet poses.
Do not worry! It’s just for a movie.

Jennifer Lawrence gleefully sported a neck brace as part of her character’s costume on set of her newest flick ! The actress was on location for the still untitled David O. Russell film with co-stars Amy Adams and Christian Bale.

The 21-year-old sure looks like she’s having a blast! She also had her tied up in a bun, with gold hoop earrings, sunglasses, and a trench coat. There was no sign of a curly-haired Bradley Cooper, who is also starring in the film.

Meanwhile, a special shout out was sent out to Jennifer’s childhood BFF Andy Strunk. An article, written by Anne Hilker, a high school freshman from New Jersey, wrote a piece that was published on the Huffington Post website titled “5 Reasons to Love Jennifer Lawrence.”

The Academy Award winner’s relationship with Andy is #5. She writes:

Finally, you’re my favorite celebrity because you always root for the underdog. I recently saw an article about you and your friend Andy. I read about Andy, a boy with Down syndrome who you befriended in middle school. I loved reading about how you were always so kind to him and even now, in your twenties, you still keep a good friendship with him. Not caring about what other people would think of you and supporting Andy really converted me into your diehard fan.

How can you not love JLaw! So sweet.