Jennifer Lawrence Sports A Long, Brown Wig On The Set Of ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’

Jennifer Is Awesome
10 reasons we love Jennifer Lawrence!
Well, I guess Liam Hemsworth wasn’t the only one back on The Hunger Games set today.

Proverbial IT-girl, Jennifer Lawrence, was also spotted in Atlanta today, covering up her blonde, pixie-cut with a much more Katniss-friendly brown wig. Ooo, she should totally dye her hair brown and keep the pixie cut. Although, I guess the whole hair chopping off was because of all the dyeing.

I wonder what set life is like since the movie’s tragic loss. 

I mean, Philip Seymour Hoffmanis quite the personality. There’s really no way to just ignore the fact that he’s not there. I know that we should all accept death as a part of life–no matter how it comes–but do we have to? Can’t I just pretend that everyone isn’t going to die? That’s more fun for me.

While we all ponder these very important life questions, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jennifer on set. Like I said with Liam this morning, I’m going to be very curious about how they promote this movie. Should be interesting.