Jennifer Lawrence Shows Up To A Tumblr Q&A With A New Do!

Sexy Jennifer Lawrence
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Another celeb has channeled their inner fairy!

Jennifer Lawrence has a new do and it’s a pixie cut (get it? “inner fairy”). Anyways The Hunger Games star showed up at a Yahoo! Q&A for Tumblr in Sunnyvale, California with her new chopped off do. Did you guys know Jennifer is the queen of Tumblr?!

I’m sure everyone was surprised about her hair but I’m still stuck on the fact that there’s a place called Sunnyvale in California (geography class for one, please).

Jennifer and her boss, director of The Hunger Games, Francis Lawrence (no, it’s not her dad), sat down with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer to talk about the next installment of The Hunger Games franchise and answer questions from fans in the audience.

So humble, J.Law talks about being a klutz on set and off. It’s okay Jenn, at least off set you were wearing a gorgeous gown (remember the Oscar fall?). Mayer asked Jennifer if the Oscar dress or the wedding dress was the easiest to walk in… “I fell in both, so I can’t really decide,” Jennifer confessed. “The wedding dress … was overall the least convenient one.” Clumsy or not so clumsy, Jennifer also admitted to spitting in Francis Lawrence’s mouth.

Eww right?! But it’s true. She arrived late to their first meeting, she was talking with her mouth full; “I spit egg in his mouth,” Jennifer said. I hope he was hungry.

We still love you Jenn! At least we know you’re not perfect (you’re human).

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