Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Amazing Body In Black Maxi Dress [PHOTOS]

Sexy Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence Poses Pretty For Marie Claire Magazine
Hats off to Jennifer Lawrence for keeping fit, for it is certainly showing.  Katniss Everdeen wore a slinky black maxi dress today (June 22nd) in Beverly Hills, getting out of her car at the Beverly Wilshire hotel.  Earlier this week she wore short shorts, a navy tank and see-through red bra, prompting millions of young girls to flock to the nearest mall.

It’s like Amanda tweeted: “Jennifer Lawrence was wearing a red bra and see-through shirt, so I bought a red bra and see-through shirt.”

Emma Stone recently gave props to Lawrence during a press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man.  “I love Jennifer Lawrence and I watched a lot of her interviews for Hunger Games—it was kind of the same thing she was feeling,” Stone told Access Hollywood (via Crushable) What scared me was the idea of, ‘What could happen to my life after doing something like this?’

“But the part and the process outweighed that fear. It felt like a stupid reason to not be part of this—what might happen [and] how [my] life could change didn’t feel like enough of a reason to not play Gwen, not to get to be involved with this and not to get to act with Andrew or to get to tell the story in a different way.”