Jennifer Lawrence & Nicholas Hoult Enjoy Valentine’s Day Stroll [PHOTOS]

Sexy Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence Poses Pretty For Marie Claire Magazine
Aren’t they just the cutest? Jennifer Lawrence and boyfriend Nicholas Hoult were seen taking a stroll together on Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles. The Hunger Games star wore a white tank top and grey sweater as she walked alongside of equally causally dressed boyfriend.

Jennifer’s Hunger Games director Gary Ross is singing her praises, calling her “so good it’s silly.” The actress plays Katniss Everdeen in the highly-anticipated film. The director is full of praise for 21-year-old Jennifer and believes she is one of the most talented stars to emerge in recent years.

“She is so good, it’s silly. Seriously, I just want to write her parents a thank-you letter for creating Jennifer Lawrence,” Gary told MTV News. “Once a generation, you find this kind of talent.”

Ross insists he couldn’t ever choose a favourite scene from the film, because there are so many he enjoys watching. “I’m not being coy in this answer; it’s really hard for me to say. The stuff she does in the tracker jacker sequence is incredible. The stuff in the cave with Peeta, she’s just remarkable in there,” Ross gushed.

So how excited are you to see The Hunger Games? In the mean time, her co-star Willow Shields will be stopping by our offices to answer your questions, so tweet your questions to us @socialitelife with along with the following hashtag – #HungerGames .