Jennifer Lawrence Named World’s Sexiest Woman, Reveals Drunken Oscars Moment

Sabba Rahbar | April 30, 2014 - 5:30 pm

Jennifer Is Awesome
10 reasons we love Jennifer Lawrence!
Here’s another trophy that Jennifer Lawrence can add to her collection! FHM Magazine has just named the Oscar-winning beauty their Sexiest Woman in the World.

Hear that, Nicholas Hoult? You have the sexiest girlfriend. Jennifer easily trumped last year’s winner Mila Kunis, who moved down to 6th place. I’m going to blame the fact that she’s dating Ashton Kutcher. I just can’t get into him–or her with him.

But Jennifer? Jennifer is awesome. She’s the kind of person who goes on TV and talks about puking. Which she did. 

In an episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers that actually taped last week but isn’t airing till May 21, Jennifer reminisced about getting really drunk at this year’s Oscars. So drunk in fact, that she blew chunks all over the stairs at Madonna’s after party.

And who was the only person to see her? One, Miss Miley Cyrus, who apparently said to her, “‘Get it together, girl!” Listen, you really have to question your life choices when Miley Cyrus is telling you to get it together.

Still, I love me some J-Law. She can keep flipping off the paps as much as she wants cause she’s gonna have play so nicely in the next few months promoting X-Men: Days of Future Past. Thoughts on Jennifer’s FHM title? Sound off in the comments below!