Jennifer Hudson’s Dramatic Transformation Boosts Confidence And Job Opportunities

Jennifer Hudson has already scored herself an Oscar with her performance in Dreamgirls, but the singer and actress revealed to US Magazine that job offers increased only after she lost 80lbs.  According to,  Hudson told the American publication that she didn’t even consider herself big until a reporter asked her how she felt about being ‘a big girl in Hollywood’.  Now at 5’9  and170lbs, Jennifer considers her new body supermodel status.

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I totally agree that the girl looks amazing.  Jennifer looked great in her tangerine dress at this year’s Academy Awards.  I just don’t understand why someone as talented as her gained recognition only after she became skinny.  She won a freakin’ Oscar AND Grammy for God’s sake.  I guess I’ll just never understand show business.  Here, Hudson is seen in New York City outside the Wendy Williams Show where she performed her new album, ‘I Remember Me,’ on May 23, 2011. 

Regardless of how skinny or thick she is, I think Jennifer Hudson is beautiful no matter what!