Jennifer Grey Snags A Perfect Score On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Welcome to the Semi-Finals of Dancing With The Stars.

I suppose I should make a formal pick, shouldn’t I?  I’m quite torn on this, as I adore Jennifer & Derek so much.  If it were possible to shrink people, I would put these two in my pocket and have them shout inspirational things at me from my shoulder.  However, I can’t help my complete love for Kyle & Lacey.  They are so freaking awesome.  Little Kyle, the “man-child” has grown up before our very eyes, and I would steal every. single. one of Lacey’s fantasmical dresses.  They make me smile.  They are my pick.  There, I said it.  Kyle & Lacey are my pick!!!

Speaking of them, they had such great dances tonight.  So great, in fact, that they evoked the quote, “His lines are fabulous!” from my roommate last night.  Look what this show is doing to us.  If it were anyone else making us go insane from all this dancing madness, I would be upset.  Kyle & Lacey?  Nope.  Just makes me lurve them more.  They came in second to Jennifer & Derek (who got a perfect score!), so it was a good night for me.

In other news, Bristol finally did what she was meant to do, and looked fabuloso, Mark looks surprisingly good in eyeliner, and the costumes on Brandy & Maks confused me to no end.  Renaissance pirate chic?  Unsure.