Jennifer Garner Gets Holiday Weird

Chiseled cheekie Jennifer Garner stopped by Martha Stewart’s carefully constructed “home” to celebrate the holidays.  Garner is part of Martha Stewart’s Holiday Open House on the Hallmark Channel (airing December 6th).  The two sipped on bubbly and got crazy with baking sheets.  Feeling all sorts of festive, Garner decided to tell Stewart what her nickname was as a young girl: Puppy.   Garner was even appointed the gift giver during her family’s Christmas and wore a hat that said “Santa’s Puppy.”

Knowing full well that she gave away too much, Garner turned the nickname game to Stewart, who (shockingly) didn’t have on as a child.  No matter.  Garner took it upon herself to give the ole’ gal a snazzy name.  “Punkin,” she said.  Yes, that fits.  Here Punkin.  Make me some mulled wine with a fresh cinnamon stick, Punkin.

Ignoring Garner, Stewart marveled at the cardboard house she herself made.  That woman loovveees herself.