Jennifer Carpenter On ‘Dexter’ And Co-Star (And Ex!) Michael C. Hall

Before Splitsville!
The then-happy couple at 2010's SAG Awards
Jennifer Carpenter must feel pretty merry this holiday season! With the sixth season wrapped up Sunday night, the Dexter star recently spilled to Parade about her role [Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan], the success of Dexter, and her relationship with ex-husband and co-star (yikes!), Michael C. Hall.

Carpenter may be foul mouthed on screen, but it isn’t something she likes to do much in real life. When a fresh-faced Carpenter flew home for Thanksgiving, her family members took notice of her new potty mouth. Awkward! But despite Deb’s colorful vocabulary, Carpenter confessed that she likes “that [Deb] is always operating from her gut. I really admire her.”

She also admitted that she might have been the only cast member shooting the pilot thinking Dexter wouldn’t be a success. Strange to think! But now she believes that part of Dexter’s success is that it “makes you gauge where your moral center is and sometimes it surprises you that you lean so far from one side to the other.”

And as for her relationship with Michael C. Hall… well, it’s a lot less juicy than you’d think:

I would like to reassure all Dexter fans that the show is and always has been paramount. We’ve always done a nice job of protecting it and each other. We play important roles in each other’s lives and always will. Our friendship is true and strong and always will be as far as I’m concerned.

Phew! That’s reassuring to hear!