Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Smartwater’ Security Tapes [VIDEO]

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We all know that former Friends star, Jennifer Aniston’s name is always floating around the tabloids. Whether she’s there due to pregnancy rumors, accusations about her relationships, or other things, we see her on almost every newsstand.

In this Smartwater video, we see her poking fun at everything people say about her.

Who knew the actress was pregnant with triplets? Plenty of people have speculated about possible pregnancies, that’s for sure.

The best part, in my opinion, is the Jimmy Kimmel appearance and the Smartwater pool. Kimmel and Aniston aren’t the only stars who are shown in this video. Ryan Seacrest is on the screen momentarily as well!

What do you think about Aniston, her wig, her triplets, and her delicious Smartwater? Let us know in the comments below!