Jennifer Aniston’s Royal Toast

Jennifer Aniston attended the 75th Anniversary Celebration dinner for Domaine Clarence Dillon’s wines hosted by HRH Prince Robert of Luxembourg on Wednesday, Dec. 8 at the Vibiana Hotel in Los Angeles.

This royal function seems to be right up our A-lister’s alley, as lately it seems, anything Jennifer wants, Jennifer gets. Whether it be setting her sights on making Robert Pattinson her boytoy or getting her flirt on with Malin Akerman, I will resentfully agree that Jennifer is our very own Hollywood royalty and could easily win over Prince Robert with a sweet smile. I mean, look at them sitting next to each other at the dinner! I’m just saying, if ever a Duke, Prince or King was in the market and had to marry a princess, the U.S. would present Jennifer Aniston.

Other guests in attendance included Sacha Baron Cohen, Quincy Jones, Adrien Brody, Tracee Ross, Debi Mazar among others. According to the press release, in honor of this anniversary milestone, the family-owned company is hosting eight dinners in key cities around the world through 2011. The first dinner was hosted in June in Paris followed by London, New York City, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo, with LA being the seventh.  The eighth and final dinner will take place in 2011 in Moscow.