Jennifer Aniston’s Facialist Sentenced To House Arrest

Beverly Hills facialist Maria Gabriela Hashemipour has all the ladies switching to cash payments after she ripped off clients Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Aniston, Cher and Liv Tyler.  Hasemipour was sentenced to nine months home detention yesterday and five years probation for credit card scams, using a device to rack up $300,000 in fraudulent charges.

In August, Tyler’s management team realized that Hashemipour’s Chez Gabriela Studio charged $214,000 to two of her American Express credit cards between July and November 2009.  It was then that authorities nabbed Hashemipour, who also charged $68,000 to jeweler Loree Rodkin.  According to the New York Daily News, “Most of the charges were made from Chez Gabriela Studio with the numbers from the credit cards entered manually – meaning the plastic wasn’t ‘swiped,’ prosecutors said.”

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Hashemipour’s A-List clients, who all legitimately paid for their services, have praised the owner on the company’s website in the past.  “Gabriela is my favorite ass-kicking facialist, she is the Michelangelo of skin care,” wrote Cher.  Aniston seen wearing Nina Ricci here, appeared on The Daily Show in New York yesterday, thanked Hashemipour for “always being so good to me.”

Hashemipour will be required to pay back what she stole, something her lawyer, Nina Marino insists she will do. “My client intends to continue to provide the gift of beauty that she always has.  She will comply with all the court’s orders,” Marino said outside court.