Jennifer Aniston’s Back Covered By Cupping Marks At ‘Call Me Crazy Premiere [PHOTOS]

Jennifer's Giant Rock
Jennifer Aniston shows off her huge engagement ring.
Jennifer Aniston, 44, looked sensational last night (April 16, 2013) in shorts and top by Dior, as she supported her latest film project, Call Me Crazy: A Five Film of which she is the executive producer.

Loving the hair. She should pull it back more often. She wore her hair scooped up in a side ponytail and let a loose fringe fan over one side of her face.

What wasn’t so attractive were the cupping marks on her back. Jennifer had several circular marks on her back, presumably the result of cupping therapy. The ancient therapy, a form of alternative medicine, involves suctioning glass cups to the skin to mobilize blood flow. 

Whatever floats your boat Jen. Is stye trying to stay calm before her big wedding day? She may want to pick out a wedding dress, which she has not done as of yet. “No, no, no,” she told E! News.

My guess is that she’s not “picking” one out, she’s having one designed for her, so her statement actually makes some sense.

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