Jennifer Aniston’s Baby-Free Body On The Set Of ‘We’re The Millers’ [PHOTOS]

August 2nd, 2012 // 3 Comments

I don’t want to be crass, but I don’t think Jennifer Aniston is wearing a bra.  The 43-year-old star wore cut-offs and a white tank top on the Wilmington, North Carolina set of We’re The Millers today (August 2nd), and sister looked fabulous.  She’d win against any 20-something willing to go up against her yoga-toned body.

Aniston is all loved up with boyfriend Justin Theroux, and some say she’s even putting off motherhood.  A source (and we all know how reliable “sources” are) told Showbiz Spy that “Quite simply, becoming a mother just doesn’t seem as important to Jen as it once was. Her main priority is her relationship with Justin.”

Tell us more. 

“Justin was open from the start that he wasn’t looking to start a family anytime soon and far from being a deal-breaker, which it once would have been, Jen has realized that she’s OK with that,” the insider continued.

“Jennifer is not ruling motherhood out altogether, but right now she is focused on her relationship with Justin. She may re-evaluate down the line — but for now she is happy with her life the way it is and seems to have given up on the notion that having a child will make her life complete.”

Whether or not she’s going to have kids, Aniston seems uber-happy and her hair is still magnificent.  At the end of that day, that’s all that really matters (the hair, especially).

By Kelly Lynch

  1. candle westmoreland

    To tell you the truth, I don’t give a damn about Jennifer Aniston why do you keep forcing her down our throat. She’s a permanent victim and her pictures aren’t good. She looks old and you keep giving her charity publicity. “Poor Jen, Angelina stole her man ten years ago” and she needs your help to stay relevant.”

  2. billztopay

    aniston was NEVER going to have children. She does’t want them. Nothing wrong with that but quit with the BS pr stories about her wanting to have children. She has invested too much in her body and she ain’t adopting.

  3. Jennifer Aniston White Tank Top Denim Cut Offs We're The Millers Set
    Commented on this photo:

    Slimbo, you’ve been cutting edge for a while now, but this is ateohnr quantum leap in your ever-evolving bag-o’-tricks. Who would have thought that a new genre of stand up would come from a lowly pitless olive? It all goes to show that looking through a hollow olive can bring new untold things into being. It’s all good, non?

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