Jennifer Aniston Tears Up When Talking Justin Theroux Engagement On ‘Chelsea Handler’

October 16th, 2012 // 1 Comment
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Jennifer Aniston Tears Up When Talking Justin Theroux Engagement On 'Chelsea Handler'

Aww. That’s actually pretty sweet.

Jennifer Aniston couldn’t help getting emotional when she was asked about Justin Theroux’s marriage proposal.

Jennifer appeared on her close friend Chelsea Handler’s US TV show, which aired on Monday night, and was clearly bursting with happiness.

“I just got verklempt,” she admitted as she wiped away tears.

Chelsea was full of praise for Jennifer’s future husband. The talk show host has been friends with Jennifer for years and clearly approves of her latest relationship. 

“He’s the greatest guy ever,” she told Jennifer. “You guys make the greatest couple ever.”

As Chelsea made her kind comments, Jennifer smiled and nodded. Do you think they’re the greatest couple ever? Share your comments below.

By Michael Prieve

  1. candlewest

    Brad Pit gets a plum assignment with Channel #5 and the public is forced to endure worthless stories about Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend. Please believe I wish them the very best but it’s all about forcing the public to deal with them. The competition has been going on about 10 years and there is no comparison as to the quality of the persons involved and there shouldn’t be. I just Jennifer would get married already an have her late -age child I won’t mind looking at her with a new series of pictures of her with a cute child but this 10-year role of the victim of a scheming woman has gotten old. Angelina and Brad have established themselves as people who care about the world–no comparison.

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