Jennifer Aniston Stays Fashionable, Shows Off Her Impressive Engagement Ring

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Rumors of a possible break-up between engaged couple, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux recently piqued my interest.

It seems like if a couple decides to keep it low-key and not get involved in many public affairs, they’re automatically purchasing a one way ticket’s to Splitsville. I’m so glad I now know that’s how it works.

Never fear, dear friends! The happy couple emerged just the other day looking completely together.

If you’re still a disbeliever, just take a look at the massive rock on Aniston’s finger. All couples who are on the verge of breaking up get one of those.

No, but really, that ring is one dazzling sparkler! It appears to take up quite a good portion of the lower part of her finger.

Perhaps the darkness of her outfit causes the ring to stand out even more. None of the pieces of her ensemble are brightly colored, allowing the statement jewelry, as I’ll call it, to stick out.

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