Jennifer Aniston Shows A Lot Of Skin In New ‘Horrible Bosses’ Trailer [VIDEO]

I was under the impression that the human body ages over time, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case with Jennifer Aniston.  Whatever this women is doing to make her 42-year-old body look better it did 15 years ago is working, and should her secrets ever be unlocked, then I will pay top dollar/trade in a few years to obtain them. Justin Theroux is one lucky man!

PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston Wears A Fuggers Dress To Her Handprint Ceremony

Aniston plays a vulgar and sexually aggressive dentist in Horrible Bosses – opening today – a role which Aniston reportedly loved playing because it was so raunchy and unlike anything she’s done before.  Who wouldn’t if you looked like that?  A new trailer has Rachel Green wearing and saying all sorts of vulgarity, and we applaud her.  Check out the video after the jump while I draw up a “Look Like Jennifer Aniston” plan.