Jennifer Aniston Keeps Proving She’s Hotter Than All Of Us

There was a whole ‘lotta hotness that happened at this weekend’s Spike TV Guys Choice Awards. I mean, like…a whole ‘lotta hotness.

But don’t you agree that the standard of  sexpot becomes exponentially more official when one is actually crowned the “Decade of Hotness” recipient from a bunch of dudes? Jennifer Aniston says yes.

Photos: Jennifer Aniston Gets Dirty With A Banana

Much to men’s illusion that gorgeous women just wake up looking flawless without effort, Ms. I’m-42-With-Legs-For-Days Aniston clarified that she owes it all to her yoga instructor and vowed to “keep downward dogging until the fat lady sings.”

I’m not sure if that was a sexual innuendo or a warning that she might actually get fat one day, but either way, we tip our martini glasses to you, Jen. Those underwear shots in your Marie Claire spread are making me call my trainer as we speak.