Jennifer Aniston A Lot More Than Friends With Beau Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston knows how it feels to have her man snatched from under her, but now some are calling Aniston a “homewrecker” and blaming her relationship with Justin Theroux for the end of  his 14-year relationship with Theroux’s now former girlfriend Heidi Bivens.

After all the Team Aniston versus Team Jolie drama back in 2005, when Brad Pitt split with Aniston and moved on to now mother of his children, Angelina Jolie, such an accusation is surprising. But according to a source who spoke with the New York Post, “Heidi is heartbroken. She was completely blindsided. She and Justin had been together for years, they had a home. Then he met Jennifer and everything changed. At first he claimed he and Jen were friends.”

However, it seems that Aniston and Theroux are a lot more than friends. The “heartbroken” Hollywood costume designer Bivens recently moved out of the home she shared with Theroux after the abrupt end of their relationship.

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Aniston and Theroux met last year when they were both working on the film Wanderlust, but have now been spending a lot more time together and have reportedly been seen dining out and spending the weekends with each other.

Although a friend of Theroux told the New York Post that “things were already over between him and Heidi before he got close to Jen,” it remains to be seen what came first, the break up or Theroux’s wandering lust.

What do you think, is Jen a homewrecker? Team Aniston or Team Bivens? Share your thoughts with us by posting below in the comments section!