Jennifer Aniston Might Want To Work On Her Weed Handling Skills [PHOTOS]

Aniston Through The Years
Her best post-Pitt red carpet looks.
Don’t drop the weed!

Jennifer Aniston and Kathryn Hahn are seen here filming on the set of We’re The Millers in Wilmington, North Carolina yesterday (July 24, 2012).

In this scene Jennifer and Kathryn are seen wrestling with a big bag of pot wrapped in a yellow blanket, presumedly the package is supposed to be a baby.

We’re the Millers follows a pot dealer who realizes that his life is meaningless and wants to get out of his dirty business, but not before one last big score that will finance his new life. His last pot-related task is to get a fake wife and smuggle 1,400 pounds of pot across the Mexican border in a motor home. Jason Sudeikis plays the pot dealer, while Aniston stars as his fake wife. 

Aniston’s co-star, Emma Roberts tweeted last week: “SO happy to be a part of We’re The Millers!! Dream come true to work with Jennifer Aniston!”