Jennifer Aniston (Kinda) Defends Kim Kardashian’s Right To Make A Living

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Many a Hollywood gent has not been kind to Kim Kardashian, criticizing her job as a reality tv star and her ability to make $10,000 per tweet.

Sellebrity, a new documentary chronicling the evolution of Hollywood’s paparazzi, interviews a number of celebrities about their interaction with what most in their line of work consider the bane of their existence.

Jennifer Aniston recalled a time when the studios controlled what photographs were taken

“At the premiere of something, the studios would hire photographers,” Aniston said, according to Celebuzz. “But it was gracefully waiting [and asking], ‘May I take a picture?’ It was all agreed upon.”

Cut to present day, where every other paparazzi pic features a Kardashian. 

“There’s nothing wrong with Kim Kardashian and all those people,” Aniston explained. “If that’s how they choose to make a living, more power to them.”

So, there are similiarities between Aniston and Kardashian, no?


“My line of work is different,” Aniston clarified, drawing a clear line in the sand between what the Kardashians do and what she does.

“I want to entertain people.”