Jennifer Aniston In A Bikini & Seducing Robert Pattinson

This is the latest crazy Jennifer Aniston rumor. Apparently, she’s looking to seduce Robert Pattinson.

Jennifer Aniston, though almost twice the age of Robert, has revealed to her friends that she has hots for the Brit guy! Jennifer is known to be spiritual and such kind of woman who always succeeds in finding whatever she wants, among her friends. And so, it is being anticipated that she will make a move and invite Robert for a date or a day out with her! And then, it is up to Robert to accept or decline!

I’m calling total bullshit on this one. I’m mean, please!

While she’s not seducing Robert Pattinson, she’s vacationing again in Cabo while wearing one of her favorite bikinis. Chelsea Handler and a mystery man were among those who she’s vacationing with.