Jennifer Aniston Fedoras It Up As She Holds Hands With Justin Theroux In New York City

Aniston Through The Years
Her best post-Pitt red carpet looks.
Sweetie, a fedora is not going to do the trick if you want to keep a low profile.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were spotted walking back on Madison Avenue after shopping at Barney’s and dining at Fred’s Restraunt in New York City yesterday (May 12, 2013).

The actress was layered up while holding hands with finance Justin who wore a army green jacket and white t-shirt and jeans. 

The couple who got engaged last August have been very tight-lipped about when the big day is going to happen. How is Jen keeping calm in the midst of all of her wedding planning? Yoga.

“Yoga kind of helps you prepare for everything, honestly,” she told E! News. “It’s like meditation. It sort of just allows anything that’s coming at you at the end of the day to be kind of doable.”

I would have probably said a stiff cocktail, but then again, I’m not Jennifer Aniston.

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