Jennifer Aniston Goes Very, Very Blonde On The Set Of Her Latest Flick [PHOTOS]

Jennifer's Giant Rock
Jennifer Aniston shows off her huge engagement ring.
Guys! Jennifer Aniston is blonde! Very, very blonde.

The gorgeous actress was seen on the set of her new movie, currently being called the Untitled Elmore Leonard Project and showed off her new do. While it is a wig, it’s still pretty shocking to see Jen so blonde.

Sure she’s always been “blonde,” but never like this! Imagine if she’d had this blonde hair during her Cabo, bikini fest. It would have been such a shock. Suddenly blonde and showing off her bikini bod? What would we have done! 

Jennifer is currently shooting in Greenwich, Connecticut. The movie follows the story two criminals, played by Mos Def and Will Forte, who kidnap Jen hoping her husband will pay a huge ransom. Turns out, the husband doesn’t wanna pay and hilarity ensues. I’m just excited to see Jennifer in a movie not playing a romantic lead.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of blonde Jen. Anyone else think she looks like a cross between Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts with the blonde hair? Sound off in the comments!