Jennifer Aniston Is Still Being Called A Homewrecker

June 22nd, 2011 // 7 Comments

After Jennifer Aniston‘s new beau, Justin Theroux, left his long term girlfriend Heidi Bivens, many were blaming his relationship with Aniston for coming between them.

Theroux, who wrote 2008′s Tropic Thunder, had been dating costume designer Bivens and sharing a home with her. But as Theroux and Aniston got closer after meeting on the set of Wanderlust last year, the relationship between Theroux and Bivens began to fall apart.

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Is Aniston, who was spotted out and about in New York City yesterday (June 21) wearing a sheer white skirt, to blame for the break up or were things between Theroux and Bivens already coming to an end?

Last week, we quoted a friend of Theroux who told the New York Post that “things were already over between him and Heidi before he got close to Jen.”

But now, Us Weekly is reporting that a source told them “Jen went after him” and that the Wanderlust co-stars had “secret trysts.”

According to Us Weekly‘s sources, “Jen wanted Justin and it didn’t matter that he was already with someone” and Bivens “didn’t know Aniston was the catalyst” behind her break up “until now.”

Regardless, the whole mess still seems unclear.

Although many are comparing Jen’s actions to what Angelina Jolie did to her relationship with Brad Pitt, there are some differences. Theroux and Bivens were in a 14-year relationship, but unlike Aniston and Pitt pre-Jolie, they were not married.

What do you think? Is Aniston a homewrecker who caused the end of Theroux’s former relationship? Who do you believe? Share your thoughts with us by posting below in the comments section!

By Megan Patsavas

  1. EB

    Put your body away Jennifer.

  2. AH

    jennifer would never do that. she knows what it’s like to be betrayed and as the caring person she is, she’d never do anything to make anyone suffer and go through what she did. jennifer is an extraordinary person, and i can bet that she didn’t do anything wrong.

  3. No Dice

    Brad RAN from Jennifer as did Vince & John M and a bunch of other nameless dudes, so there was no stealing there. Jennifer herself said Brad didn’t cheat as did a bunch of other folks, inc Brad & Angie. The actions of this little guy & Jennifer are far more shady- the timing is off and, according to Heidi & her mother, THERE WAS cheating. There no denials here (as in the case of Pitt), just accusations and a 42 year old lady’s PR machine trying to bury the truth. Good to see that Friends money is being used for something worthwhile.

    • Mar1ey

      In an interview with The New York Times Jolie stated that she looks forward to the day when she can put “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in the DVD player for the children, “not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.” Hmmm…that is cheating on his wife, because he was in love with another woman. And Justin was not married…those two were together for FOURTEEN YEARS with no ring? Doesn’t that tell you that there was something wrong? Either he or she had a fear of commitment, but either way, there is a HUGE difference between a BREAKUP and a DIVORCE!

  4. Natasha

    No third party can break up a relationship… if someone cheats the relationship is already over.

  5. Alli

    Jen knew Justin was involved in a 14 yr relationship and she chased his azzz ontill she got him. Helll She can’t hold onto a man so she better get him to the alter fast. He’s already moved in and Heidi just got the last of her things out of their beautiful home they built together almost 15 yrs ago.
    Heidi is devastated and yes she was BLINDSIDED by Anuston and Justin.
    Anustin told heidi herself there was nothing to the tabloid talk about her and Justin and laughed it off. Poor sweet Heidi truly believed her .
    Sick fcuking bitch Aniston, pls don’t say Heidi and Justin were broken up in Mar that’s a lie. They look pretty cozy in the tons of April premier pics when Justin was screwing both Anuston and Heidi.. Only Jen and Justin knew while justin said he had to go slow breaking it to Heidi and Anuston accepted.
    Anuston is a Wh0are!!

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