Jennifer Aniston Brings Justin Theroux To ‘Inside The Actor’s Studio’

Thursday night Jennifer Aniston taped an episode of Inside The Actor’s Studio with host James Lipton in New York City.  Among an audience of students sat new boyfriend Justin Theroux right in the front.  Aniston was all giggles during the interview, telling Lipton that her Wanderlust co-star was one of her favorites to work with, according to Us Weekly.

Word has it that Aniston had to suffer through a nude scene in the movie, also starring Paul Rudd.   Aniston said it was a “miserable” experience, adding “It’s your total figure in front of a lot of people. And you have to do so many takes. I wonder if they did that on purpose!”  Playah, please.  I’d walk around New York City in my birthday suit if I looked like her.

PHOTOS: Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Get Cozy For The Camera

Check out what else Aniston had to say during the taping after the jump.

When it came time to answer Lipton’s famous questionnaire, Aniston fired off some good ones.

What turns her on? “A great pair of shoes.”

What turns her off? “Flats.”

Sound she loves? “A laughing baby.”

A profession she’d pass on? “President.”

What God would say upon Aniston’s arrival in Heaven? “Never thought I’d see you here!”

I don’t get the attraction with Theroux.  Remember his guest-spot (twice) on Sex And The City?  No franks.