Jennifer Aniston Begins Filming ‘Cake,’ Anna Kendrick Also Joins The Cast

Jennifer Aniston's Star
Aniston received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
She’s got a great career, a gorgeous man, and now Jennifer Aniston is getting to work on her next big project.

Jennifer was seen on the set of her new movie Cake today, filming scenes in a Los Angeles graveyard. Slightly spooky. The scene didn’t appear to be a funeral one though, or I’d assume Jennifer’s costume would have been a whole lot fancier. 

Jennifer was dressed more casually than the way we usually see her dressed, wearing a white shirt, a long grey open sweater, and baggy pink sweatpants. I wonder if she likes the comfy costume or if she prefers the fancier ones?

Jennifer’s man, Justin Theroux, has also been spending a lot of time on his own set, for the new TV series The Leftovers, in a notable costume. The couple who films together, stays together, apparently.

Anna Kendrick has also been confirmed to be joining the cast of Cake, playing a woman who commits suicide, which Jennifer’s character becomes fascinated with. Morbid, but that explains the graveyard scene. I’ll totally see the movie though if both Anna and Jennifer are in it. Talk about a powerhouse cast.