Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Emerge Together In NYC

We haven’t seen them photographed together in a while, but Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux finally emerged together today, much to our delight.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were seen walking around NYC together today. The couple had lunch at Barney’s together, and were joined by good friend Jason Bateman.

The couple has been keeping busy ever since their engagement in 2o12, and we love getting the chance to see them out together. They’re too cute. Aren’t you glad now that Brad didn’t work out, Jennifer? Just look at this new cutie that you landed instead. It all works out in the end, doesn’t it?

Justin is in the midst of filming the first season of The Leftovers, an HBO drama, and Jennifer is getting ready to produce and star in an indie drama called Cake. Despite her busy career life, Jennifer still always manages to find time to stay fit, and comment on the latest, and in her opinion strangest, trends.

Jennifer says that she doesn’t understand selfies, and feels that there are enough pictures of her out there anyway, so why add to them? Is someone being a little self conscious about her body? Despite her gorgeous figure and healthy diet, Jennifer says she would totally trade bodies with Gisele Bundchen for a day if she could.

Well, you’re gorgeous to me, Jen. Just keep busy with the new movie and the gorgeous guy. That body envy won’t stick around long.