Jennie Garth Joins Cast of “Dancing with the Stars”

“Dancing with the Stars” is turning out to be the number one choice for celebrities looking to drop some post-baby weight, with Jennie Garth joining next season’s cast. Actually, I’m pretty much just reaching to try and tie-in this story with these pics of Jennie with her children. For all I know, she could actually weigh less than before she had children. What the hell do I know? Just that Garth’s PR rep spoke with Access Hollywood to confirm that her participation in the show was official. And that it came after the convincing of her former 90210 co-star, Ian Ziering.

“We texted each other. She had a lot of trepidation at first,” Ziering said. As is policy at ABC, they will not comment on Dancing contestants until the network says it’s official. The official word will not happen until about four weeks before the show begins its new season in September.

In addition to Garth joining the cast of the fourth season of the show, it seems that Melanie Brown, formerly “Scary Spice,” might also be thinking about putting her celebrity dancing skills to the test. I seriously hope that either Jennie or Melanie will be able to top the flipping abilities of the one-legged Heather Mills, but I hightly doubt it. She left a very big shoe to fill. And I think I may have made that joke before, but whatevs. I’m trying to be green and recycle.