Jennie Garth Might Be On The ‘90210’ Spinoff And J. Harvey Is Swooning In Delight

Don’t you dare tease me, Rob Thomas! The Veronica Mars producer is readying a spin-off of 90210 and if that wasn’t hot enough, now it looks like Kelly Taylor might be on board! Jennie Garth has pulled out of a sitcom project, sparking rumors that she’s making the move to reprise her more favorite role. Garth played Kelly Taylor, the queen of West Beverly!

Sources say that Garth exited CBS’ My Best Friend’s Girlon Monday after only the first table read. Garth may have left because she’s been dealing with the recent death of her Dad. But it’s also been reported that they might bring Kelly Taylor back as West Beverly’s fashion design teacher.

Wait, wasn’t Donna Martin the fashion designer? And Kelly was…was she a model? A model with burns from that fire with the lesbian? They better stick to continuity! I want Jackie Taylor making appearances, and Erin and Mel Silver the dentist and at least one visit from Dylan’s Mom Iris! Wait, will Dylan be on? Oh god, I think I just achieved orgasm.

Photos: WENN