Jennie Garth Uses Classic ‘90210’ Storyline For Old Navy Ad [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

I mean, it was as if Old Navy reached into my brain and dug around for the perfect storyline.  Their newest campaign, starring Jennie Garth, aims to sell jeans, but for Beverly Hills, 90210 fans, it’s so much more.

The teachers at Old Navy Funnovations High are taking the drama out of jeans shopping with The Famous Jeans Back to School Special. With your favorite fit in more washes and cuts than ever, you’ll never have to make a style sacrifice again.

Boy oh boy, does Kelly Taylor know drama.  First, she stole Dylan McKay (Luke Perry) from her best friend, Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty). Then come sophomore year at CU, she goes and gets together with Brandon (Jason Priestley).  Dylan comes back from a brutal summer and is none too pleased to see his best friend and his best girl together.  At the end of sophomore year, both boys ask Kelly to choose: Marry Brandon, or go to Europe with Dylan. 

Kelly ended up making a lame decision: “I choose me.”

History repeats itself again, as Garth chooses jeans, ignoring the fact that Perry is on a motorcycle (looking damn good) and Priestly is holding a giant teddy bear.

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