Jenna Jameson’s Pimp Now With Shanna Moakler

TMZ is reporting that Shanna Moakler has hooked up with Jenna Jameson’s ex-husband/producer/procurer of female bodies Jay Grdina.

Shanna Moakler has found herself a new beau — Jenna Jameson’s soon-to-be ex-husband Jay Grdina.

Moakler and Grdina, a porn star who has starred in several adult classics such as “Encino Housewife Hookers” and “I Dream of Jenna,” were spotted exiting Mr. Chow on Wednesday night. While the two kept their mouths shut when it came to their blossoming relationship, the hand holding was enough PDA to confirm that there’s something going on between them. Bow chicka bow wow.

Looks like those rumors of a New Year’s reunion between Shanna and her ex-hubby Travis Barker were just that.

I hope everyone involved boiled themselves before consumating this union. If not, the sexually transmitted diseases produced are going to number so many that they could take over the U.S. and maybe parts of Europe and enslave us all. Yet, I was most fascinated by “Grdina”. What? Dude, where’s the other vowel?