Jenna Jameson’s Not Kid Friendly

April 24th, 2006 // 12 Comments

It isn’t everyday that a porn star is featured in a big spread (I couldn’t resist) in a major men’s magazine that isn’t a British import. The porn star is very conscious of how she is portrayed and how her image is used. She released a statement last week regarding the misuse of an image of herself (originally intended for a adults) that was used in the packaging of a game of checkers.

“I am offended and very upset that a picture of me made its way into packaging of a product intended for children. My company licensed this photo for use only in the packaging of an adult-oriented novelty key chain and for no other purpose. We take very seriously our legal and moral responsibility to restrict adult-oriented materials to adults only and I have nothing but contempt for anyone who would knowingly present any adult content to minors. While it appears in this case that the use of my image was inadvertent, this was a serious mistake and I want to personally apologize to families that have been affected. We have contacted our licensee and we have been assured by the manufacturer that this product has been or is in the process of being removed from the stores. We will do everything possible to assure that this kind of manufacturing error will not happen again.” (Source: marketWIRE

More photos of Jenna Jameson from Esquire magazine, after the jump.

(Images via Saving Face)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    I just read your love letter on the eminem in crisis post. 1) The clothes at Express are not cheap. Cheap is target, Cheap is the goodwill, Cheap is NOT Express. If you think buying a plain sports jacket for $195.00 is cheap then you must be Bill Gates. 2) I have worked at Express all my life and because im working on a degree in fashion marketing and management and I have also proved that i’am a excellent employee in fashion retail I became assistant manager. I deserved that position because I was the best. You say you never heard of it well fine, but it happens. Believe me or not I dont care. 3) I dont know what your problem is. I know you see me as a “ignorant 19 year old twat who really works at Mcdonalds.” Well fine thats you, but I know for a FACT I have never ever disrespected you. I come on this site to give my opinion .. you dont like it then move on. You do NOT have to read my posts. Since you do not know me and I dont know you there is no reason to be rude to me. We have no impact on eachothers life. So why make rude comments. I actually like some of the things you say. I think you have alot of good input, but all I ask is that in the future if I say something you dont like just ignore it. I wont argue with you. If thats what you want to do then fine. Just ignore my posts like I plan to ignore yours.


  2. tia

    Actually Doofus I apologize for writing you that. There was no reason for me to explain anything. As a great philospher once said “Never explain–your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.” Since you have made yourself my enemy or maybe not so much an enemy but a person who is annoyed by my ignorant posts im sure you along with others wont believe me. So I apologize if I have ever offended you or anyone on here. However, I still would appreciate if you and whomever else cant stand me ignore my posts.

  3. doofus

    uh, tia?…

    just as you are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine. shall I quote you? “if you don’t like it, move on”.

    and yes, the clothes at Express are cheap. maybe not in the sense of INEXPENSIVE, but cheaply made. they fall apart quickly, the seams and cuffs come undone, the buttons fall of easily, etc. and yes, I speak from experience. if I’m going to spend $195 on a “suit jacket”, I’m buying it at Ann Taylor or Brooks Brothers, NOT at Express. (and BTW, I’ve found that Target stuff holds together better and longer than Express stuff.)

    don’t take it so personally. if you like express clothes, great. I don’t. so I don’t shop there. see how easy that is? as for me thinking you’re a “19 year old twat who works at McDonalds”, I NEVER said such a thing, and I don’t think that. don’t attribute words or thoughts to me that aren’t mine. “worked at express” all of your life? gee, I’m SO not surprised.

    and I stand by what I said. In all of my years in working retail, and in speaking to friends that have worked and STILL work retail, no major chain hires a 19 year old to be a manager.

    no, I don’t have to read your posts, but if I want to, I will. and if I want to respond, I will. and if I remember correctly, YOU SPECIFICALLY RESPONDED TO A QUESTION I ASKED, and I to you. oh, and if you “don’t care”, then don’t respond.

    let’s get this straight. you’re not my “enemy”, I don’t “hate” you, I’m not offended by you. if I feel like I want to respond to one of your comments, I will. You can ignore my responses, or respond in kind.

  4. Tia

    I know you never said that I was a ignorant 19 year old marketing twat .. I said I know you think of me as one. It was obvious by the way you have respond to me. Everytime you respond to what I post you have something negative to say about me. So I say dont read it. If you dont like what I have to say then dont read it. Also, as a person who has experience in retail you should know that they DO hire 19 year olds as manager ESPECIALLY those like myself who qualify. ONCE AGAIN, if you do not believe it FINE !!!! Its true. I will no longer keep explaining myself to you. I dont want to argue with you. All I ask is that you respect me as a person who comes on here with an opinion as I will do the same with you. If you respond to me then fine .. all I ask is that you be nice. Like I said I think you are a great poster. I just wish you would treat me the way I treat you. Im always nice to you. Please do the same.

  5. tia

    Well Like I said I wont explain myself, but anyone who is 18 can be a manager. Specially people who are excellent employees. All I ask is that next time treat me the way I treat you.

  6. lucrece

    So Doofus and Tia, what do you REALLY think of Jenna Jameson?

  7. Emma in London

    Any why does anyone give a shit about this pathetic argument…..what a pair of pricks!

  8. doofus

    gee, tia, I thought you weren’t going to respond to my posts?

    get this through your (apparently) thick skull…

    I DO NOT (AND NEVER DID) THINK OF YOU AS A “19 YEAR OLD MARKETING TWAT”. Don’t claim to know what I think, because NO ONE DOES except for me. What I DO think of you is that you’re a typical 19 year old with some naive views. You’re just not that worldly…don’t take it as an insult, it’s simply the truth. Unless you’re some continent-hopping supermodel or a movie/porn star, most 19 year olds ARE naive.

    Take your own advice…if you don’t like what I have to say, when you see the post is from me, don’t read it. or, if you feel you must at least read it, don’t respond to it.

    that being said, best of luck in your retail job and in your studies. hopefully you’re better at customer service than the salespeople I encountered at Express.

  9. Natasha

    Doofus and Tia…

    *This* is what I call entertainment.

    Now hit her with the chair!!!!

  10. ~M

    Tia, just let it go!
    Express clothes are cheaply made though…I used to work there and it sucked!
    No, typically teenagers do not make manager, but who cares.

  11. Tia, just let it go!
    Express clothes are cheaply made though…I used to work there and it sucked!
    No, typically teenagers do not make manager, but who cares.


    I can’t decide who’s hotter jenna jameson or brianna banks, those other people need to get a room because they’re obviously hot for each other

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