Jenna Jameson’s Not Kid Friendly

It isn’t everyday that a porn star is featured in a big spread (I couldn’t resist) in a major men’s magazine that isn’t a British import. The porn star is very conscious of how she is portrayed and how her image is used. She released a statement last week regarding the misuse of an image of herself (originally intended for a adults) that was used in the packaging of a game of checkers.

“I am offended and very upset that a picture of me made its way into packaging of a product intended for children. My company licensed this photo for use only in the packaging of an adult-oriented novelty key chain and for no other purpose. We take very seriously our legal and moral responsibility to restrict adult-oriented materials to adults only and I have nothing but contempt for anyone who would knowingly present any adult content to minors. While it appears in this case that the use of my image was inadvertent, this was a serious mistake and I want to personally apologize to families that have been affected. We have contacted our licensee and we have been assured by the manufacturer that this product has been or is in the process of being removed from the stores. We will do everything possible to assure that this kind of manufacturing error will not happen again.” (Source: marketWIRE

More photos of Jenna Jameson from Esquire magazine, after the jump.

(Images via Saving Face)