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March 21st, 2007 // 14 Comments

We’ve all noticed how Jenna Jameson has gone from veluptious to “OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?” We’ll she’s decided to address all the horrible people who have jumped to conclusions about why she’s so rail thin on her myspace page. She titled the post “My weight.”

I feel like I need to address the weight rumors that have been swirling for a few months now. This saddens me… only because, everyone that is judging me… has absolutely NO idea what is happening in my life. People are hateful and accuse me of being a drug addict, or an anorexic. Does anyone seem to remember the fact that I am going through a nasty divorce? It has been weighing heavily on me. I worked extremely hard for years to secure my success, and i have been forced to fight for everything I busted my ass for. This has definitely affected my weight. It really hurts that my fans and everyone else) have taken it upon themselves to be so horrible, screaming eat a burger! or we want the old jenna back! I’m sure everyone out there has gone through tough times, and this is when I need support.
I wish I could enlighten everyone with what is exactly going on in my divorce and business, but I can’t because of legal proceedings. I really hope everyone understands and remembers I am human, and I really need friends and the love and support right now.
Soon the divorce will be settled and I am hoping to come out unscathed, but my x is doing his best to make it hard. Thanks for all of your support, and remember I love you!

More photos of skinny Jenna Jameson are after the jump.

By Jessica Marx

  1. spark

    voluptuous is what I assume you were spelling???

  2. veluptious?

    do i even need to point out the irony of this statement:
    I have been forced to fight for everything I busted my ass for. ?

    so when she says fight, does she mean whips, handcuffs and tying people up? or does she mean all of the clawing and kicking she could do while lying on her back for hours on end?

  3. Asshole is what i assume you’re normally called Sparkie?

  4. ladydi



  5. the real New York

    This chick is indeed sick — or addicted — and these are the options available for porn stars.

  6. DEE

    oh my God..why are people so hateful..she did make her money and why should someone take it from her…i wouldnt or couldnt do her job..i dont think she is on drugs..she looks thin but she is going thru a divorce and that is devestating…stay strong jenna…

  7. spanky

    No, pedantic, I think that’s you.

  8. hee haw

    haha, she said busted her ass. i don’t think anyone ever busted her ass… on film. at least not the dozens of films i’ve seen featuring her…

  9. daria

    I mean this in the most respectful way possible: I thought it might be AIDS. I know she used to be on drugs from that vH1 special, but she’s a little too old to be starting again. After 25, it’s just pathetic and I don’t think she’d do that. Also, anorexia and pornography don’t go together. It also doesn’t generally develop in adult women, though it’s not unheard of.

    Who knew divorce was so slimming.

    Also, from vH1 special on her, I remember that her husband was very involved in her career. He deserves at least some of her wealth.

  10. GGREGG

    Her ex was (is?) the CEO of the Club Jenna company and therefore deserves something , just not too much .As for the jokes about her busting her ass, She ran along with the ex a multi million dollar company.Running any business takes a great deal of work. It was more than just performing. Many divorcing couples don’t act reasonably, they are still hurt and proceed that way.
    I wish them both well.

  11. hypocrite

    God has judged!! And time makes fools of us all. Unfortunately some people who achieve success forget that.

  12. Corlan

    perhaps stress does make you lose weight easier, divorces can be nervewrecking. its so easy to judge and talk bad about someone. why not try the harder part and be constructive for her sake.

    perhaps this new look she s been getting is to distance herself from her old profession and wants to do something else. she looks skinny compared to her bubbly famous acting self but she doesnt look half bad for someone of her age. heck i even like her better this way.

    guys come on give her some support

  13. brandon

    jenna is going therw a very tuff time right now and i support her 150% :D

  14. Midgie

    I really think ti is bullshit to dog her out, Jealous much? She did work very hard, and no matter her career choice, bet you have watched her get it on a time or two, so shut the fuck up with the nasty comments about her job. Yeah he deserves something, but half? No way, she deserves every penny she has earned, give him his paycheck and send him on his way, By the way, she tested clean for drugs,all this drams is stressing her out, and it sucks that people that screw from time to time also(I would hope) are so critical, when they have probably whacked off to her tapes many times. Shame on you for judging others ,Um,” veluptuous says” and all of you other selfrightous assholes that never done anything wtong or risque in your life, grow up!

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