Jenna Jameson And Tito Ortiz Will Reunite When They Legally Can

May 3rd, 2010 // 1 Comment

Yesterday Jenna Jameson paraded around the bruises abusive husband Tito Ortiz handmade for her…or should I call them “love punches?” So who can blame a girl for wanting to shack up again with the guy?

The former porn star was clearly badly beaten by her husband recently and despite his being arrested for domestic violence she told “To be honest,
I’m not hurt at all.” She and her husband have dropped all charges (he accused her of being a drug addict in retaliation..charming).

The two plan to reunite tomorrow, as soon as Tito’s emergency restraining order is up!

“I sat and I thought about it last night and the bottom line is I love
him so much and I really truly believe that he didn’t try to hurt me,” Jameson said.

Someone needs to knock some sense into this girl. I mean….nevermind.

By Lola Robertson

  1. nicstepro

    honestly, when I first heard this I thought “they’ll be back together the next day.” Almost right, after the ‘restraining order’ ie waste of taxpayer money and court time. 911 should block their phone number from now on… Same for Rhianna and Chris Brown. Hear screams? See her being pushed out of a car? Just walk on by…

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