Jenna Jameson Sends Her Noonie to Live in “Shady Pines”

January 14th, 2008 // 5 Comments

How is it that Jenna Jameson appears to be shrinking while her hair, eyes and lips continue to expand? Maybe they’re sucking all the life out of her and that’s why she looks so skinny she can barely support the weight of the bronzer she’s wearing on her skin.

At the Adult Video Awards, Jameson told the audience that she had decided to retire her vagina from the porn biz, saying, “I will never ever ever spread my legs again in this industry.” I don’t blame her because I have a feeling her legs is mighty tired. And I never thought I’d say this, but where the heck are Jenna’s boobs? Did she use them all up in the process? And if you take a close look at the pic with her and Tito, it looks like she’s got wrinkles on the back of her knees from being so skinny. Yikes. Maybe she could spare her lips some collagen and relocate it there.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Juanita

    She looks really bad…besides her vagina is so out of wack, she had to retire.

  2. Sue

    yuck, way to much make-up, she scoop it on with a shovel and take it off with a spatula…lol

    Lesss is more or so it is said.

  3. joan durtz

    whoa! I thought her coochie was big. Check out the size of that ear.

  4. cosmo

    I wonder how her future husband(s) will feel about her? I mean, knowing that she’s had her Vaj all over the internet and viewed by thousands of horned up guys? Knowing that sooo many people know what her cooch looks like, what it looks like with many penis’ in it, what it looks like to have penis’ in her mouth, I mean, what respectable guy would marry THAT? I feel for her nasty, old, haggard, botoxed up ass. She will only get guys who are equally disgusting as her. No wait, I don’t feel bad. Skank shouldv’e kept her stick legs together….

  5. CRAZY, she is not worth talking about!

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