Jenna Elfman Defends Her Religion

June 13th, 2006 // 13 Comments

Yes, we now have Jenna Elfman and her husband Bodhi, going off on the “Scientology Is Gay” t-shirt wearing John Roecker. he was approached by a shirtless man and a tall blonde. “Hey, man, you’re making fun of my religion,” said the stranger angrily. The strangers were Jenna and Bohdi Elfman.

Roecker says Jenna repeatedly said “What crimes have you committed?” and began screaming at Roecker, “Have you raped a baby?” as motorists on Los Feliz Boulevard drove by in snarled traffic.

Roecker says it appears that Bodhi Elfman prepared to take a swing at him, but thought against it.

Bizarrely, Roecker also says that the Elfmans had a young, twenty-something male companion with them whom they continually instructed to move away and cover his ears whenever references to Xenu were made.

Bodhi Elfman’s rep Jenni Weinman tells TMZ that according to Bodhi “He was out for a Sunday stroll with his wife, when some guy walks by with a t-shirt on, very prominently attacking his religion. Words were extended and Bodhi and Jenna were personally attacked for their beliefs. As they went about their business, the guy continued to try to illicit negative responses from the both of them. As they walked away he continued to scream propaganda and hate at them. Apparently he spent all Monday calling the press to promote himself.”

When Elfmans Explode [TMZ]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ravenswing

    Bodhi Elfman swings like a girl…cause he wishes he were one.

  2. Grphdesi23

    How do celebrities even believe the crap that is Scientology?

    L. Ron Hubbard was a scam artist if there ever was one. I bet he’s burning in ole hell right now.

    Famous quotes from Mr. Hubbard:

    “The only way you can control people is to lie to them. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.”

    “Scientology…is not a religion.”

  3. delicious_dysfunktion

    Well,its still gay.I’d wear that shirt with impunity.

  4. las

    Correction: “Scientology is wacko and self-righteous.” I only wish Tom Cruise had been there, so he could have ordered the guy to put his manners back in.

  5. Christina

    Where can I get that shirt?

  6. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    Are the Elfmans being sarcastic when they say scientology is their religion? Because that’s the only way I can see any logic in that statement.

  7. Katy

    $cientology is not a religion, just some washed-up wannabee science fiction writer’s fantasy. Besides, Jenna Elfman is a freakin wacko.

  8. las


    I wonder if these people are so far gone that they don’t see that by their hysterical hypersensitivity, they’re making their “religion” look even worse. Threatening people and screaming about raping babies? Great ad.

  9. nevermind

    Scientology was created to make Mr. Hubbard a millionaire. He knew what he was doing. How to you convince people your make believe world is fact? You can’t, so you go to the wealthy, the celebrities and the affluent and sell it to them! They will buy it because they already are living in a make believe world and think they are untouchable and need a frame of reference, a life philosophy that would explain their celestial existence.

    Scientologists, particularly the famous ones, are nothing but crackpot hypocrites who are fanatical. It is a very disturbing thing to see them get so upset over a t-shirt.

  10. dc-20008

    God bless Ron Hubbard. He embodies the capitalist system. Sell it and someone will buyt it!

    What is with all the closet cases going into that cult? Perhaps all the Ex-Gay groups should hook up with the Scientology group and have a convention.

    I want one of those t-shirts.

  11. Paula

    I wonder how long before John Roecker is sued by gay groups and the ACLU for a hate-crime, in wearing that “offensive” tee-shirt

  12. heygirrrl

    no, seriously….where can we get these shirts?!? i’m going into research mode people!!

    btw, AWESOME quotes Grphdesi23!!! i would settle for that first quote on a tshirt as well, ahah.

    ….fuggin idjuts…

  13. Wanda

    You can make them yourself. Let’s start our own movement. Cause you know they’re trying to take over the fucking world. May as well go out laughing.

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