Jenna Bush to Put Her Bong Down Long Enough to Write a Book

US News reports that Jenna Bush is shopping a book proposal around.

You can soon add the title of author to first daughter Jenna Bush’s résumé. Whispers learns that the 25-year-old blond twin of Barbara Bush is shopping a book proposal to major publishers in New York City. We’re told that the project is vague and that she’s initially only gauging publishers’ interest. The White House wouldn’t comment, but others say it will be a young-adult book based on the former grade school teacher’s experiences with charity causes in Latin America. It ought to sell: She’s represented by super lawyer-agent Robert Barnett, who squired her around publishing offices in the Big Apple earlier this month. The profits will go to charity.

Ugh. This chick was so much hotter when she was running around wasted and smoking up with Ashton Kutcher in a halter top. Writing a book and donating the proceeds to charity is so unsexy. It borders on dowdy, even. So sad. A virtual spinster at 25.