Jenna Bush And Random Argentinian Guy: Not Dating

December 14th, 2006 // 1 Comment

Some skeevy dude in Argentina is claiming he’s dating one of the First Daughters.


For Jenna Bush, international diplomacy only went so far while she was in South America: The White House is denying an Argentine man’s claims that he and the First Daughter are dating.

Argentine magazine Caras reported that the blonder Bush twin, 25, was planning to spend Christmas with her new boyfriend, public relations student Ramiro Gonzalez Palazzo.

Gonzalez Palazzo, 25, reportedly told the magazine, “All I can say is that I have a lot of fun when we are together,” and described Jenna as “humble and down-to-earth.”

But First Lady Laura Bush’s press secretary, Susan D. Whitson, laughed off the report, telling PEOPLE, “We have found that young men who talk to the press and claim to be the boyfriend of Barbara or Jenna are just expressing wishful thoughts.”

Oh please, didn’t she once smoke a bowl with Ashton Kutcher? Being this guy’s obvious drug mule is an upgrade.

First Daughter Does Not Have a Boyfriend [People]

By J. Harvey

  1. chabs

    I don’t know if he claimed he was her boyfriend but they’ve been seen together around Buenos Aires, and her parents must be freaking out.
    His family is quite powerful but I don’t think daddy George would be pleased with a 3rd world country son-in-law.

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