Jenna Ushkowitz Clears Up ‘Glee’ Graduation Rumors

It seems that the rumors that some of the cast of Glee would be ‘graduating’ (read as ‘fired’) in 2012 was not only news to us, but the cast as well. However, things are all good in the halls of McKinley High.

“[The cast] were shocked at first, we didn’t know what was going on,” Jenna Ushkowitz told The TV Addict. “[But] we talked to [Ryan Murphy] and he talked to us about it and he never really said that. He kind of said that but he didn’t. It was a little bit of a misunderstanding…”

She looked great in a nice peach gown at last night’s SAG Awards in California…

“We’re all going to have to graduate at some point. I don’t think it’s going to be 2012. I don’t really know. But it also doesn’t mean that the show won’t go on without us going to college, another school, or sticking around for a little while. We’ll see what happens. With Ryan Murphy, anything is possible!”

Glee returns in the US on February 6 after the Super Bowl on Fox.