Jenna Dewan Has Got The Pregnancy Glow In London! [PHOTOS]

Channing & Jenna
The happy couple vacations in Lake Como.
Jenna Dewan is seriously one beautiful pregnant lady. I mean, she basically gives newly pregnant Halle Berry a run for her money.

Mrs. Channing Tatum was all smiles as she was spotted doing some shopping on Primrose Hill in London. Jenna made sure to keep her baby bump and herself warm in a puffy coat. That’s definitely a good idea cause as much as we love seeing her bare baby bump, not sure it’ll love the London weather.

But wait! Where’s Channing to be adorable and keep her warm with his manly buffness? Luckily, it looks like Jenna is doing quite well on her own. You know, I never really realized how pretty she is. I much prefer her with minimal make-up than her red carpet make-up. Anyone agree? 

Of course her red carpet looks are lovely, but her features are definitely coming out right now. I cannot wait to see what their baby looks like. I’m really hoping it doesn’t have Channing’s neck. Love Channing, still can’t deal with his neck.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Jenna and her baby bump. Is she pregnancy-glowing to you as well? Think she works the minimal make-up look? Sound off in the comments!