Jen In Danger Of Throwing Away Her Half of Her “Best Friends Heart Pendant” From Courtney In The Trash

January 25th, 2007 // 10 Comments

According to the National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston is mighty pissed with her BFF, Courtney Cox, for being friendly with Brad Piptt on the red carpet.

At the Jan. 15 Golden Globes, Courteney and husband David Arquette bumped into Brad and Angelina during a break in the awards show.

“Jen is insulted that Courteney took the initiative and went straight up to Brad when he was there with Angelina,” disclosed an insider.

“In Jen’s mind, Courteney could have easily avoided them. It’s like Courteney went out of her way to be super nice to Brad.”

If this is true, then Jen, seriously. Courtney’s not rushing to host a botox/slumber party with Brangelina anytime soon. So chill. If it isn’t true, then my work here is done before I’ve even started.


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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Draya

    I’m not a Aniston fan, but i find it hard to believe she would be this immature.

  2. amle

    I would guess this is another tabloid made up story. Tabloids have to sell their mags. They love little riffs.
    I have a huge feeling Jennifer is happy to be away from that sleazy Brad Pitt. She looks and seems happier than ever.

  3. amle

    Silly story!! I am sure Jen realizes all eyes were waiting to see if Courtney & Brad spoke. If they hadnt, the story would be “Courtney snubbed Brad” or “Angelina wouldnt let Brad talk to Courtney”.

  4. Tulip

    If I were her, I’d be happy because Angelina came off as weird and controlling.

  5. Krystyn

    two words:

    National Enquirer

    I doubt this is real.

  6. It's a Fact

    My guess is that this story about JA is total bullshit, but believe me, shit like this does happen. Some people are very immature.

  7. Carrie

    this is so not true it almost hurts.

  8. this is bullcrap

  9. hahahahaha wtf:|

  10. kate

    hold on a second….National Enquirer is the magazine that had 3 pages of a farmer telling his story of how he shot a two headed alien…..
    isnt that a joke mag?

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