Jen and Ben Get a Permit

What in the world is going on with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Are they still engaged or not? Are they playing the public for even more publicity? Does anyone really care anymore?

In my opinion, they are still together. Jennifer seems to have entwined Ben in her twisted desire for the most publicity possible. What non-couple, or couple that has broken off their engagement would go to a courthouse together and register for gun permits? Who knows, maybe they’ve come up with some suicide pact. That would create a huge media blitz of publicity, and they would live on in infamy. However, they wouldn’t be around to enjoy it, and Jennifer loves her publicity so that most likely won’t be happening.

If it’s not a suicide pact, what are the gun permits for? I don’t see J Lo heading down to the shooting range any time soon. Ben, is someone who should not have access to a firearm. As a newly recovering substance abuser, and as someone who may well be addicted to gambling a owning a gun is not the best of ideas. Haven’t they learned anything from Robert Blake, Phil Spector and her Puff Daddy experience. Celebrities and handguns do not mix well.

So it seems as if Bennifer or Af Lo, are still playing the public for fools.