Jeffrey Dean Morgan Brings The Watchmen to London

Lovers of comics, superheros, and cataclysmic events, the hour is upon you.  In just a few short weeks, The Watchmen will be coming to a theater near you. 

The whole cast of the gritty novel adaptation crowded together in London last night for the flick’s World premiere, which took place at
the Odeon Leicester Square. 

Among them, flirty Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who I still have to remind myself is not (a) Denny Duquette, (b) Mary-Lousie Parker’s fiancee, or (c) Javier Bardem.  Is it possible to be separated and exported at birth? 

Looking handsome as always was Claire Danes’ ex-ex-ex Billy Crudup, though he was dressed about as dully as Jackie Earl Haley in his simple suit.  Patrick Wilson and Matthew Goode did better in the wardrobe department, but it was the ladies who really delivered on the red carpet. 

Carla Gugino showed off her broad shoulders and tiny waist in a nude-colored throwback to the girdle days, while Malin Ackerman looked a bit more comfortable, though no less clothed, in her see-through sparkly black gown.  Let them imaginations run wild, men and lesbians!

Gallery Info: Carla Guginio, Jeffery Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earl Haley, and Patrick Wilson at the Watchmen UK Film Premiere.