The Talented Jean Dujardin Is Extra Funny In ‘The Artist’ Blooper Real [VIDEO]

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With so many great films nominated for this year’s Acadamy Awards, it’s hard to choose a favorite as the absolute stand out. But the latest hit film, The Artist definitely pleads its case well with the ever hilarious Jean Dujardin and his irresistible sidekick ‘Uggie’ the dog. Dujardin has been nominated by the Academy for Best Actor In A Leading Role and from the looks of things, he totally deserves it. 

The tribute-to-silent-film-star seen here on January 27th, arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and was mobbed by photographers and autograph collectors. Jean Dujardin seemed calm and jovial, despite the inconvenience of having to sign dozens of photographs. Not to mention he looks even more handsome when he is pictured in color!

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