Jeah! Ryan Lochte Series Coming Soon

February 26th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

He is an eleven-time Olympics medalist, he is eye candy, he is…kind of…dumb.

Okay so two out of three isn’t too bad, Ryan Lochte. Now that Lochte will be debuting his promo for his series What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, we all have something to look forward to come April especially if E! has these gifs on point.

But aside from the funnies, Lochte has a sweet side on Twitter and we can’t help but sigh and want to pinch his cheeks (now, it’s up to you which cheeks to choose.)

His style is a-ok too! We will surely have a look into his fashion line with this series. To fear or not to fear this project? At least he has been hard at studying, attending many fashion shows.

 If you need a pick-me-up right now after a tedious day, check out some of Lochte’s memorable quotes (in the gallery) that may be a glimpse into what is to come with his series.

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Ryan Lochte
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