JC Penney To Roll Out Star-Studded Campaign During Oscars

It looks like Target may have a new competitor when it comes to serving up high fashion at low prices. JCPenney will launch an aggressive campaign to promote lines by the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as well as Cindy Crawford in an attempt to reinvent the chain as a fashion hot spot. Target paved the way by bringing in low-cost collections by high-end designers like Rodarte, and now it looks like Penney wants a piece of the action.

“For those who have not shopped with us
recently, customers will see it as a new day for JCPenney,” the
company’s CEO said in MediaPost.

The Olsen twins Olsenboye line could definitely be a hit, and JCPenney is the Oscar’s sole retail sponsor. Only time will tell if the ads premiering Sunday during the women’s version of the superbowl will change customers’ opinions.

The company threw a Discover Spring Style event yesterday in New York City attended by lots of fashionable celebs.