JC Chasez Keeps Himself Occupied

How did JC Chasez keep himself occupied backstage at the Heatherette show? By Googling himself on a Nokia hand-held device. At least he wasn’t soaking it all in at the bar like Brandon Davis was.

“Is there a bar here?” Davis grunted as he entered the W Lifestyles Lounge, cigarettes in hand. Hey, wasn’t he just in rehab after that “firecrotch” incident?

With slicked-back hair and a pastel silk jacket, Davis stood by the bar, repeatedly wiped his nose with his thumb, licked his fingers to fix his eyebrows, chugged vodka and glared. “He looks like the bloated, inbred offspring of Elvis Presley,” one onlooker snickered.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

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Written by Lauren Burch

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