JC Chasez Denies He’s Re-enacting The First Olympics With Chace Crawford

That queen behind them knows the truth. N*SYNC member and sorta solo artist JC Chasez has been photographed a lot lately with Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame. Everyone’s whispering that they’re having a power bottom competition behind closed doors. JC denies he’s gay and that there’s anything going on between the two of them

He called in to two separate radio shows with this. You would think Lance Bass would have set an example for this girl. If your name is “Chace” you’re either a homo, or you’re a girl who works at a 1-900 number!

DJ: What I think is you and the dude…the rumors are that you and Chace Crawford are like gay lovers, but I think that you’re just really good friends and hang out a lot and everybody is taking pictures of you guys hanging out a lot.

JC: Well you know what, it’s stupid, really…for the record, we’re both straight, we’re not dating.

DJ: …each other.

Lance Bass needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with this one.

Photos: BauerGriffinOnline.com